Where can I get CD-R 99 minutes shipped in Canada?

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Re: Where can I get CD-R 99 minutes shipped in Canada?

Postby Mr357 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:18 pm

shenhaZ wrote: Successfully burned it at my friend's house.

Now I have full shenmue 2 version for dreamcast, which is way more cheaper than normal copy from ebay. The only issue is maybe I burned it at low speed (8x), I am hearing how lazer is having tough time every time I am starting a ceonversation with an npc, and their voices not always syncing with lips, I don't remember having such problems before.

Try out Shenmue I if you have a copy, but I would think that that's an issue with your Dreamcast's laser wearing out. Adjusting the potentiometer might help.
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