Rebuilding Shenmue 2 properly

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Rebuilding Shenmue 2 properly

Postby TomCat » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:50 am

I'm trying to create a selfboot file of Shenmue 2 disc 4(DC, JP version) using Discjuggler 4.60.1214-PRO2(with overburn on), but once I hit the start button to rip the NRG file created from FamilyGuy's selfboot setup from Daemon, it proceeds to say it's ripping at speeds over 1000 and keeps fluctuating all over the place. Meanwhile the progress bar doesn't ever go above 0%, and the cdi I'm creating just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight.

Anyone know what could be wrong? I've done the same for a gdi rip of Shenmue 1 and was able to convert the NRG selfboot to a cdi fine with Discjuggler, yet it's choosing to be picky with this one game. Can't imagine it's DJ's fault in this case.

I'm using binhack32 since I'm on Vista 64 and regular binhack won't work on this PC, if that info is needed. Been setting the msi info as 45000 just like with Shenmue 1(I have no idea what this means, just feel like it's relevant :p). Is it something to do with the disc being bigger than DJ wants to allow me to try to burn? What can I do to fix this so I can see my mods? :???:

Hopefully someone can point me the right way here.
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Re: Rebuilding Shenmue 2 properly

Postby Master Kyodai » Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:28 pm

Look at the sticky here with the tools. The stuff you might want to grab is "Selfboot data pack" or "Shenmue test environment".

I never worked with GDI or NRG as these are rather unpractical, i used CDI disc juggler images to work with, these work great in nulldc for a quick test.

Vista is generally a bad choice as well as 64 bit. Maybe you wanna install "Virtual PC" or "VMware workstation" to have access to a real windows XP 32 bit environment, with that you will have no problems running any tools.
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