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Re: Shenmue Music Download

Just some older live orchestra videos. Havent found anything as good as the recent Colgone Philharmonic.
by Ziming
Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:59 pm
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Re: A proposed shenmue meetup

Guilin. Go big or go home.
by Yama
Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:51 pm
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Re: A proposed shenmue meetup

Guilin. Go big or go home.

I don't have the time or the money now, but I'd be down for a Shenmue Tour 2016 or 2017. Dobuita, Yokohama, Aberdeen, Kowloon, Guilin... Something I've been meaning to do for years, there were those guys who did that documentary recently, right?

BTW - Dobuita is part of Yokosuka, not Yokohama. Yokohama is also nice though, my wife is from Yokohama, Tsurumi to be precise. My mother-in-law still lives there. The area reminds me a bit of "Always - sunset on third street". I always call it "San Chome" because of the movie.

You might be a bit disappointed by Hong Kong if you expect it to be like in Shenmue. No gambling or arm wrestling on the streets and the "kowloon" from Shenmue was more like a pun on the Kowloon walled city which doesn't exist any more. Mostly just modern skyscrapers, dense traffic, modern stores and such. Not that kinda run-down city feeling you have in Shenmue 2, Kong Kong these days looks more like Shibuya or Shinjuku then what you see in Shenmue 2. And Guilin... beautiful, but soooo huge.You can still take a river cruise on the Li River and see these green peak alike mountains, visit one of the many caves (No floating swords there though!!!) and catch some of that feeling, but don't be fooled - Guilin is a city of 5 million people. Not the flair of New York or so, but you get that it is not a Village. You can find Villages of only a few dozen houses, but these days i think even the most remote ones are with satellite TV, fridges and Playstations, so not that romantic flair from Shenmue 2.
by Master Kyodai
Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:58 pm
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Re: Game mechanics you want to see added/removed to Shenmue

I would like to see more meaningful side quests and side stories. Not having to obey a curfew, just staying out as late as I want and exploring. I know Ryo's outfit is iconic, but I would like to see some more clothing options in Shenmue III, doesn't have to be extensive, just a few new shirts and different options for pants. More in depth dialogue choices like Mass Effect. Like South Carmain said, make items in the inventory actually have use. I'd definitely like to see fast travel and time skipping again in S3. I know some may be opposed to this, but I would like to see the story get a little grittier. More intense fights, darker villains, harsher language, stuff like that. I also would finally like to see Ryo get romantic or intimate with a woman, not really a game feature or mechanic but it's something long overdue IMO.
by Latin King
Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:47 am
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Re: Game mechanics you want to see added/removed to Shenmue

More sidequests that are actually worth completing. My main complaint with Shenmue II was that it felt a bit pointless collecting all the side stuff as they just sat in your inventory with no real use (in the first game at least you could play the games you won on your saturn) and that it had too little sidequests for such a detailed bustling world.
by south carmain
Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:05 am
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Re: Silent Hills (P.T.) Cancelled!

Konami's current business strategy:

by Henry Spencer
Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:12 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

I didn't hesitate to donate $10,000 for the dinner with Yu Suzuki. This is FUCKING unreal!
by LanDC
Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:06 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

It's *all* in the bag, folks. In many, a lot of ways, we all need to be particularly thankful for Sony's ongoing support. Check it out:

I've never seen Yu this happy in a long while. What's even greater is how sincere it seems the smiles are on Shu, Corsi, and Boyes' faces' too. Phenomenal times we live in.
by Wanderin'
Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:25 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 won't be that good

Shut up, no one cares.
by Himuro
Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:39 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 won't be that good

This is just a concept image my son, in 2 years it will be a completely different game

Shenmue: The Adventures of Tom
by Locke_cole
Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:53 am
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Forum name changed from "Future of Shenmue" to...

"Shenmue III."

by Yama
Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:26 am
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Hope we get to see how Tom would look modelled in 2015.
by lavrentis
Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:16 am
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Re: Sony Helping Fund SIII

Just watched Sony livechat with Yu and Gio.

Finally a direct comment from a sony official. Gio said that Sony is absolutely a partner in Shenmue 3 and they're committed to working with YS net to get the game done. He basically confirmed the theory that they had to prove some level of fan demand and kickstarter proved to be the best way to do this.

The fact that Sony is directly partnering makes me SO much more optimistic that we're getting a true Shenmue-scale sequel and not a limited/buggy/ugly indie release.

(not that indie's can't be amazing games, but Yu doesnt exactly have much track record in his post-shenmue career)
by Xandui
Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:38 pm
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Shenmue III world premiere infos at MAGS 2016

Hey guys.

Yu Suzuki will attend the Monaco Anime Game Show 2016 and will show the latest Shenmue III images. Event will be held on february 27th 2016.

I will try my best to go there and if possible, get another interview with Yu Suzuki. I might not get an hour like i did in Japan since many people will try to interview him, but even if i can grab 10 minutes, i will.

I will provide more news whenever I can !

Facebook Page :
by DEVILLE_David
Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:20 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

I want 1 and 2 to be remade so I can import like 50 bags of potato chips, 100 light bulbs, and 20 copies of Flower Girl on cassette into Shenmue III.
by Taren Fox
Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:11 am
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Yu Suzuki Makes Playstation Blog Post

Hello everyone. Yu Suzuki here. It has been 14 years since Shenmue II first went on sale. The game system it was released on, the Dreamcast, is not around anymore, but the voices of the fans that have been eagerly awaiting the sequel are still there and are as loud as ever. Any country I visit for work, any event where I am up on stage, any interview I do, the question I always get asked is, “When is the next Shenmue coming out?”

Moved by the fans and their passion, I have been constantly doing my homework and preparing for this day. And here it is — today marks the beginning of the Shenmue III project on Kickstarter. If there were to be a sequel to Shenmue, I wanted the voices of the fans to be heard, so we could make it together. I knew that could happen with Kickstarter.

PlayStation fans love video games, deeply understand video games, and have great ideas about what video games should be. Your support and cooperation will be absolutely necessary for this project. Our Kickstarter goal of 2 million dollars is certainly not an easy one. However, if we do reach that 2 million dollar mark, Shenmue will live again on PS4 (and PC).

The more our project can collect for game development during this campaign, the more the game will come alive — with more quests, more story events, more mini-games, the addition of a free-battle system, and more fight options. Stretch goals are part of the project to show supporting fans what they can expect as project funds increase. Like at the 2.5 million dollar stretch goal, Shenmue I & II flashback scenes will be added.

If you have not heard of Shenmue or are a first-time Shenmue gamer, this stretch goal will give you an even deeper gaming experience. Both you and your friends will benefit from your support, and you will be helping to create the next generation of Shenmue fans.

One of the rewards for the project will be the Shenmue III Demo Version. Something like this, of course, was not around for I & II. This is a Kickstarter-only privilege that will allow you to play Shenmue III before it gets to the stores. Besides me and the development team, those who play the Demo Version will really have the first word on the new Shenmue III.
We have a lot to show you, so please come and take a look at our project page.
So, until next time!
by Riku Rose
Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:34 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

no, Sony didn't promise anything. They said they are helping, the details of which are unknown, but more than likely depend on how well the kicker starter does, the smaller the overall pledge total, the less support from investors, whether that's Sony or someone else.

Its typical nerdy mouth breathing internet dwelling keyboard warriors putting 'assumptions' and 'drama' out there as 'fact' and then all the sub human socially recluse idiots jump on the bandwagon...

From the very beginning the kick starter has said, Digital PS4, Physical and/or digital PC.. its right there in writing before people even pledged... honestly its not rocket science, why are people so dumb and think that will change after pledging, they need to grow up.
by RiGoRmOrTiS
Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:23 pm
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

Hello Shenmue Friends. This might be important

I'm a little worried about the low quality art shown at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to offend anyone, but I though that it might scare some possible backers who could think that Shenmue is only an amateur project. So, I decided to make some banners in order to attract more and more backers. I want to keep this easy for the eye, with concise information, but If you have a good idea to improve the banners, please let me know.

Feel free to share.
by Asthenia®
Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:40 pm
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Re: Famitsu scans

Found this at GAF.

- He noticed that fans were getting more and more despondent about the chances of a Shenmue 3 ever coming out, and being willing to settle for just about any format (novel, manga etc.) just to see the conclusion of the story, but he really wanted to make the sequel as a game even if it didn't have all the bells and whistles he'd like to put in it.
- He first learned about Kickstarter about 3 years ago through a fan who'd used it before, although it took a while before he decided that was really the way to go forward. Tried looking for a major company to partner with, but couldn't find one that met his criteria. Eventually, he decided Kickstarter was the best option.
- Sega readily allowed him to make the game, and SCE gave their support too (nothing specific here).
- It'll be out on PS4 and PC. No mention of other platforms, no mention of considering any other platforms.
- 2 million is the bare minimum for the game to exist, and if that was all they got, it would just be focused on the story. The more money it gets, the more of the things he wants to do will be possible.
- He wants to give the fans what they want as much as possible, asking for their opinions during development and incorporating those into the final game. Like if they have two ideas for a character, they might ask backers to vote on which they prefer.
- As far as money goes, he expects the game's investment will primarily come from individual backers, so he wants them all to be happy with the finished product. Doesn't sound like Sony and others are giving them all THAT much.
- The story will take place in Guilin, beginning immediately after 2's end. You'll be able to go around the town(s) in that area, back to the mountains, infiltrate the Chi You Men's Guilin branch, etc.
- Back when he made Shenmue 2, he was determined that Shenmue 3's focus would be making a deeper open world rather than a bigger one. Fewer characters means they can have more to say, they can have more complex AI, etc. The character Ryo will talk to the most in 3 is Shenhua, so he wants to develop her as much as possible, making it so that talking to her lots makes her behaviour towards him change, makes quests involving her proceed differently, etc.
- Not that any of this is to say it won't be an open world game. Stretch goals will determine how much the town(s) can be expanded (presumably this is referring to stretch goals like those we can already see, the 'other towns' in that video aren't addressed here.)
- QTEs were originally designed so that people who weren't very good at battles could still enjoy the game.
- He wants to make 'free battles' (which are likely to have their name changed) less about pressing buttons at the right time and more about making the right decisions.
- He also wants to make them less about practising and inputting commands and more centred around the Technique Scrolls, so obtaining and using those is enough to win battles. These Technique Scrolls will ideally connect a number of different elements in the game together in a natural way.
"Shenmue had a number of minigames, gambling spots etc. that you could spend time playing around in, but I wanted something that would connect all of them somehow. I mean, obviously you can obtain money through part-time jobs, use that in gambling to get more of it and then buy weapons...but not that kind of connection, a closer one. If we can meet a number of our stretch goals and make the open world elements more elaborate, I'm hoping to be able to connect these side elements together, centred around the scrolls.
- He's desperately trying to find some way to include forklifts in the game in a way that will make sense, because Shenmue fans seem to love them.
- He wanted to gather as many of the people who worked on the earlier games as possible because it'd be reassuring to fans. They're planning to publish staff comments from a number of figures working on the game, including the writer Masahiro Yoshimoto.
- He's asked about whether he has an idea in his head about what'll come after Shenmue 3's done (presumably 4, but it doesn't come out and say this). He says he does, but right now he's focused on working on Shenmue 3. Certainly doesn't sound like this game will be 'it' at any rate.
- As the Kickstarter page says, he's hoping the game will be ready to release at the end of 2017.
by Ziming
Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:16 pm
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Re: Famitsu scans

Time to increase your pledges everyone...

From the Kickstarter Reddit page:

"As you guys know there was a massive article in this Months Famistu. Luckily the user Varion from NeoGaf has translated the important parts and these 2 comments stood out!

2 million is the bare minimum for the game to exist, and if that was all they got, it would just be focused on the story. The more money it gets, the more of the things he wants to do will be possible.

As far as money goes, he expects the game's investment will primarily come from individual backers, so he wants them all to be happy with the finished product. Doesn't sound like Sony and others are giving them all THAT much.

These points are so so important. We have people not pledging high amounts because they think that Sony (and other investors) are going to jump in. These comments state, directly from Yu's mouth that that is NOT the case! The kickstarter is the main funding for the game.

Now I know people are sad that there might not be a physical PS4 copy, and I understand that you don't want to pledge over the $29, but really how are you going to feel when the game that you have waited 14 years for gets stripped of content that Yu wanted in his original vision? Please guys, lets get Yu as much money as we possibly can so he can make the game that he wants, and that he deserves!

Help share this message, as you still have people in the kickstarter comments, on here, on shenmuedojo saying that there is no reason to back the game as Sony are stepping in to fund it..."
by Sonoshee
Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:32 pm
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Giant Bomb talks to Adam Boyes about Shenmue 3

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:36 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki doing Reddit AMA tomorrow!

IMO you should lose the "Will the final game be at full price?" question. We've been badgering the guy for years to get S3 made, how is this gonna look? Like we're not willing to buy it if it's full price? The game is being included in the Kickstarter pledges anyway.

Also change "Will you finish the story with Shenmue 3?" to something like "Will you try to finish the story over the course of 2-3 more games as you originally envisioned?" Sounds much better, like we aren't after just one game.
by Sonoshee
Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:14 am
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Re: Shenmue 3 Kickstarter announced at E3 2015!

A fellow Dojo member was looking for someone to translate the full text of the recent Famitsu article interview with Yu Suzuki - so here's a rough translation of the interview text + picture captions.

Link to original article (Japanese):
Link to summary of the main points in English that was made by Varion on NeoGAF:

Interview Text (F=Famitsu, YS=Yu Suzuki)

F: The title "Shenmue 3" is one that has a huge impact, and it was a real surprise when it was announced. So first of all, with 14 years having passed since the previous game Shenmue 2, please tell us why and how the decision to make Shemue 3 came about.
YS: Bringing the sequel to reality isn’t something that was just started recently. Even more than 10 years since Shenmue 2, there are still many passionate fans and whenever I attend events or autograph sessions overseas I’m always asked about when Shenmue 3 will be coming. For example, at my autograph sessions in France, 80% of the fans are Shenmue fans. Of the rest, 10% are Virtua Fighter fans, and the remaining 10% are fans of Hang-On etc. Even now, firm fans run and manage communities. For some reason, every year around March and April, I have been hearing rumors about Shenmue 3 being released (laughs).

F: Expressions of hope for a sequel soon become rumors, don’t they (laughs).
YS: Right. But as time went on the voice of the fans began to weigh on me more and more: “Please publish the rest of the story, even if it’s just as a novel”, “We want to see a new Shenmue published, even just in manga format” and so on. So, to try to answer the feelings of the users in some small way, I decided to myself: “Even if it turns out not to be possible to create the game with all extra features, I'll do what I can to bring about the sequel”.
F: What is the reason you chose Kickstarter as the method?
YS: About 3 years ago, a fan who had used Kickstarter suggested I try it. That’s when I first heard about Kickstarter, and I investigated it further. I couldn’t immediately promise we would use Kickstarter because I wanted to be sure we would be able to use it to produce something that will live up to the expectations of the fans. I looked at other methods of making Shenmue 3, such as finding a partner company, but I wasn’t able to find one that suited my criteria. After consideration, I concluded that Kickstarter was the best approach, and finally now in 2015 I have been able to make the announcement.
F: You have often mentioned in the past that you’d like to make the sequel, but it really took a long period of preparation.
YS: Yes. The tremendous response to the Shenmue panel at GDC 2014 served as a boost to bring us to where we are now. Sega Games has gladly provided the license, and SCE has also expressed their encouragement for the creation of this Shenmue. It’s quite unusual to announce a Kickstarter project at SCE’s conference, but I am truly happy at everyone’s support for Shenmue.
F: The title of the sequel is simply “Shenmue 3”, isn’t it.
YS: No other title really came to mind. Shenmue 3 is the next part of the series leading from Shenmue 1 and 2. It’s not a spin-off. The hardware it will run on is PS4 as well as PC.
F: As the highly-anticipated legitimate sequel, I’m sure the fans will be delighted. By the way, what is the target amount for the Kickstarter campaign?
YS: 200 million yen (approx $2m) is the initial target.
F: Given that this is Shenmue, the amount of 200 million yen will surely be reached readily.
YS: Having said that, 200 million yen is the minimum amount for the game to come into existence. At that level, the content would be focused on the story. The collection of additional funding would allow me to bring into reality what I would really like to include. I would like to do new things.
F: Your outlook of “wanting to make new things” is something that you have always held to, isn’t it.
YS: Yes. I will be trying my best to achieve this with the new Shenmue sequel also.
F: Please give us more details later on. By the way, what kind of rewards do you have planned for your Kickstarter backers?
YS: As much as possible, I would like to include people’s input in the development process. For example, if there are two possible story directions for a character (say A and B), we could hold a poll to ask everyone which they prefer. I would like to give as a reward the right to participate in this kind of vote. And I also intend to allow players to experience part of Shenmue 3 while it is under development.
F: In other words, creating Shenmue 3 together with the fans.
YS: Since I expect the core of the backers will be individuals, I would like to make each one of them happy. Please have a look at the details of the rewards are listed on the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter page.

F: Next, I would like to ask about the key content of Shenmue 3. What kind of story developments can be expected in Shenmue 3?
YS: At the end of Shenmue 2 Ryo visits Guilin, said to be the most beautiful region in China. The area is famous for landscape paintings, and it has a river called the Li river. Shen Hua’s house is located on a tributary of the river. The story of Shenmue 2 ends at the point where Ryo reaches Shen Hua’s house, and the story of Shemue 3 continues right from there.
F: So, Ryo and Shen Hua will make an appearance, continuing from the previous part.
YS: For people who have played the Shenmue series, those familiar characters will appear as they were.
F: Will the setting be Guilin?
YS: Yes. For example, visiting a town(s) in the Guilin area, or going back to the mountains. Also infiltrating the Guilin chapter of an underground organization, the Chi You Men.
F: It could be said that Shenmue is the originator of open world gameplay, and has influenced many games since, but for Shenmue 3 what direction do you plan to take the open world model?
YS: When I created Shenmue 1, I was aiming to create exactly what is now called an “open world”. Being able to stop freely at any location you wish, advancing if you wish to move the story forward, or just standing still if you prefer. Back then, we called the system “FREE”, but in time it came to be referred to as open world. In Shenmue 2, with advances and technology and techniques, the open world was expanded even further.
F: In Shenmue 2, it was possible to walk through many towns over a wide area of Hong Kong, wasn’t it.
YS: Actually, at that time, I had decided that for Shenmue 3 I would delve in more deeply.
F: More deeply?
YS: Yes. People might expect that the open world would be made even broader, but in contrast to that, I will focus on depth. For example, for the case of 100 characters, splitting the development budget among them would limit the elements that could be incorporated into each character.
F: That’s true, it would make it harder to create each with detail.
YS: However, if we reduce the number to 10 characters, a lot of possibilities are opened up. The amount of conversation could be increased 10 times, or detailed A.I. provided for each character. As a result, conversations could be much richer. As an example, in Shenmue 3 the person that Ryo will speak with most is Shen Hua, so I want to portray her with depth. I envisage an approach where, by settings parameters for Shen Hua, on-going conversations with her will influence events such as changing her attitude, or changing the way that quests relating to her unfold.
F: I see. I think a lot of support for Shenmue comes not from just the realistic towns, but from the realism of the people inhabiting it. From what you have described, this realism will be further increased, and the world will feel even more “human”.
YS: Yes. In Shenmue this time I will be focusing particularly on digging down further on such internal aspects.
F: This is your vision for the new Shenmue, isn’t it.
YS: Of course, that’s not to say it will not be open world. Stretch goals will allow the town(s) to be expanded. However, what I would like to try first is to develop something that everyone has not anticipated; a deep Shenmue world.

F: I can’t wait to see this new Shenmue. Speaking of Shenmue, apart from its open world, its QTEs and minigames made it special, didn’t they.
YS: QTEs were originally included so that even people who were poor at battles could enjoy them. I’m happy that various games have included QTEs since then.
F: QTEs also had their origin in Shenmue, didn’t they.
YS: This time, I would like to show new QTEs; ones which can played by anyone, and which have carefully-crafted event sequences. In addition, I’d like to change the nature of free battles. (I will think of a different name, as I don’t want to call them free battles). I’d like to make a battle that is won by making the correct decision, rather than by correct timing of pushing buttons.
F: I believe Shenmue was made with the concept of being a game that can be enjoyed by any player, and this new system feels to be in keeping with that.
YS: Also this time I am planning a “technique scrolls” system. Ah.... maybe I have said too much (laughs).
F: Not at all, we’d like to hear more! (laughs)
YS: For example, with the free battle it is tough to practice and input the various commands required, so simply by obtaining a technique scroll you can apply the technique to help you win a battle. In the case of a QTE, the new technique could be unleashed during the QTE. I would like to make it so that a technique can be used to your advantage in battle just by obtaining a technique scroll. Furthermore, I’d like to make that technique scroll connect with various elements within the game.
F: Could you explain a bit more with respect to “connecting with elements”?
YS: Shenmue has had a number of ways you could play around, such as mini-games and gambling spots, but I have always been thinking about how to connect these together in some way. Of course, they are connected in the sense that you can take a part-time job to earn money, then increase that amount by gambling, then buy weapons... but not that kind of connection, something much closer. If the stretch goals can be reached and more detailed elements incorporated into the open world, this will allow technique scrolls to serve as the pivot for connecting together the various side games. That’s the kind of direction I would like to take it.
F: I see. So various elements of the open world will be connected together in a more natural way. Apart from that, are there any other elements that you are keen to include in Shenmue 3?
YS: One particular part of Shenmue that fans seem to have fallen in love with is the forklift part-time job, which is extremely popular. So I really want to include it in Shenmue 3 too, but how can you operate a forklift deep in the mountains of Guilin (laughs). I haven’t stopped thinking about how to find some way to include a forklift (laughs).

F: Please tell us about the development set-up for Shenmue 3.
YS: This time, the main development company is Neilo. The representative for Neilo, Takeshi Hirai, worked as the chief programmer for Shenmue and has a good understanding of Shenmue.
F: Since Shenmue is an open world game, I had thought that working with an overseas development company that is experienced in open world games would have been an option.
YS: Yes, that may have been an option. However, the main distinguishing characteristic of Shenmue is its culture. I believe that users overseas also have taken interest in the culture and customs of Asia. People have said they appreciate it when Ryo says “Thank you” for the smallest thing, for example. Someone who has worked all along on creating Shenmue understands that kind of culture and values.
F: So this time, development will be using Unreal Engine 4, won’t it.
YS: I have been looking at various engines for Shenmue 3 for the past 3 years, but the colors of Unreal Engine 4 are closest to those I envisage for the world of Shenmue. Although that’s a pretty broad statement, given that it’s a technical topic. The feeling of slight dampness in the air, the skin colors, the feel of materials etc were closest to my ideal.
F: Apart from the Neilo staff, are there others participating who have worked with Shenmue before?
YS: Yes, of course. I wanted to build up the team with past members as I believe that gives the fans some reassurance. Among others are scenario writer Masahiro Yoshimoto, and Kenji Miyawaki who is in charge of the character designs.
F: Given that this project is coming to life 14 years after the previous release of Shenmue, everyone must be very surprised.
YS: Mr Yoshimoto has been active in the world of television, and reacted with surprise saying “With television, producing something new with a theme that is 14 years old is unheard of”. But Mr Yoshimoto told me that he made many discoveries through his experience with Shenmue. Later on, I plan to release a video with comments from Mr Yoshimoto and the rest of the staff, so please watch out for it.
F: We are looking forward to seeing it. The fans are sure to be happy.
YS: I have gathered together quite a few of the original key members who gave Shenmue that special feel. I’m sure this will bring a feeling of both reassurance and nostalgia.
F: By the way, it may be a bit impatient to ask, but do you already have in mind how things will progress after Shenmue 3?
YS: Of course, I have that in mind. But first and foremost, I’d like to put primary focus on Shenmue 3.
F: When is the planned release date for Shenmue 3?
YS: I’d like to release it by the end of 2017.
F: That’s quite some way off, but we can’t wait. From speaking with you today, I can really appreciate the challenges that you are taking on of producing a new Shenmue. Finally, do you have a message for all the fans who have waited all this time for Shenmue 3?
YS: The fans have told me over the course of 14 years how they wanted part 3 to be made, and I have always told myself that I had to find some way to make it. And now, through the crowd-funding of Kickstarter, at last I have been able to make a start on the Shenmue 3 project. In order to bring about a Shenmue 3 that incorporates a perfect blend of both a Shenmue that everyone desires, as well as a Shenmue with the new challenges I want to take on, everyone’s effort is needed. Thank you so much for your support.

Picture captions:
1) This image shows the figures of Ryo and Shen Hua walking on a mountain path. Note that Ryo has changed clothes from the leather jacket he wears in the first and second parts of the series.
2) Using a telescope, Ryo observes buildings below a cliff. According to Yu Suzuki, before Ryo lies the enemy’s camp, which Ryo is searching for a way to infiltrate.
3) Shen Hua and Ryo, drawn by Kenji Miyawaki who is in charge of character design for the series. Shen Hua, the main heroine, did not appear much in the first and second parts of the series. In Shenmue 3, she will surely take a principle role.
4) Niao Sun, one of the leaders of the underground organisation opposing Ryo, the Chi You Men. Although her existence has previously been revealed, she has not made an in-game appearance until now.
by Switch
Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:09 am
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Update; Interview with Tak Hirai, lead Shenmue programmer

Minor new off-screen footage of scene
Combining QTE/battle system into 'new' system
by NeoShredder
Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:14 am
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Concept Art Topic
by Ziming
Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:09 am
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Re: Keep donations running after the kickstarter

I think you've brought up something very important here. I could see myself paying like, let's say 30 or even 50$ a month for the remainder of the game's development.

I wouldn't even expect any kind of reward for that and I'm sure there's thousands of other die hard fan boys like me who'd do the same. Immagine if only a thousand people took this monthly $30 "subscription", that would enable Ys Net to pay a 30,000 $ worth of wages every month (minus tax and fees, of course).

And I'd be fine without any reward. If they'd send me a monthly newsletter by email, I'd be happy. If I didn't get anything other than the guarantee that my monthly payment is going into S3, I'd be happy.

I haven't touched a (new) video game in six or seven years, but Jesus, I've been waiting all my life for this game and I know that it's probably not gonna get a funding as big as 47 million $ this time but I want to do everything I can and I'm willing to go out of my way to make this better.

Can I throw another $1000 at this game right now? No, unfortunately not. Can I contribute $1000 over the span of 2 years? Yes, Sir!

They should definitely look into this "monthly fan contribution" thing.
by Hyo Razuki
Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:07 am
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Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

Admittedly it is a little disheartening to see goals of $200'000 each adding more content to the game. All I want is a PS4 physical copy for the game more than anything else.

I really don't get this. We all know for certain that the PS4 physical copy is coming out albeit only at retail, not as a reward tier. But you know what's not a certainty? This game overall quality! So I just I don't understand how people would hold themselves from pledging more (if they can) because they'd prefer a plastic disc over having the power to make this the best game ever. After all the stretch goals are to add the extra immersion to the game, fulfilling Yu Suzuki's original vision and Sony could care less for those because they can't gauge their effectiveness at getting people to buy the game at retail price.
by sand4fish
Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:48 am
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Re: Giant Bomb talks to Adam Boyes about Shenmue 3

I really feel like this wouldn't have been possible without Adam Boyes. Especially when he mentions all of the other publishers passing on the project. It was an uphill battle and this guy really went above and beyond to make this happen for us. As a community we really do owe him our thanks.
by NSN2014
Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:29 pm
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Yu Suzuki Gameinformer Interview

The gripping tale of Ryo Hazuki’s quest for vengeance captivated Dreamcast audiences when it released to widespread critical acclaim in 2000. Though Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece was beloved by fans, the astounding cost of its first two entries and poor sales of Shenmue II drove Sega to cancel the third game, leaving Suzuki’s saga without resolution.

Though the series was abandoned by Sega and written off as an impossibility for over a decade, the fan base has been unrelenting in its requests for the series to continue. Both Suzuki and Sega have been inundated by fan requests for Shenmue III, with online campaigns comprised of the most die-hard fans continuing to push forward through petitions and social media accounts.

Those fans were vindicated this week, when Shenmue III’s Kickstarter campaign not only grabbed valuable stage time on Sony’s E3 press conference for its reveal, but also went on to attract so much traffic that Kickstarter’s site crashed. With the Kickstarter campaign reaching its goal of $2 million in record time and Sony providing further funding, Shenmue III is finally a reality.

The reserved nature of Yu Suzuki did little to hide his passion and excitement for this project. With each question I asked, the legendary developer spoke quickly, smiled often, and held the composure of a man whose dream was finally coming true. During our conversation, we covered a variety of topics ranging from Sega’s role in Shenmue III to how the franchise remains relevant so long after it was thought lost forever.

Game Informer: It’s been 14 years since the last game. Why is now the right time for Shenmue to return?

Yu Suzuki: To make a game like Shenmue, obviously the question is how to get the funding to make a game like that and you know, it’s been really hard – I just couldn’t find a way to get it together. But three years ago, I learned of Kickstarter and I met some people who have done Kickstarter before and with all their help, we decided to put this Kickstarter together. With what we managed to fund on that site, as well as with the other funding sources my company, Ys Net, has procured, I believe now is the time that we can make Shenmue III.

Is it frustrating to have to wait so long to finally realize this project?

Pretty much everywhere I go, it’s always “Make Shenmue III! Make Shenmue III!” The reaction is so strong from the fans that I’ve always been looking at how I can make Shenmue III. These past years, it was very stressful, because I couldn’t make it. More than that, I couldn’t give the fans what they wanted. That was probably the worst part: I couldn’t answer their calls that they were sending out for me. Now that the project has started – lots of relief there.

Now that the announcement of the game is out there, was there one moment that was the biggest relief of all?

It was probably at the Sony press conference when I was waiting in line for Shenmue III to be announced. Adam [Boyes, VP of publisher and developer relations at PlayStation] was up on stage talking about something, then I saw that the Shenmue III promotion video was on and then all of a sudden there was this big well from the audience and this big noise that came from them. That was the time that I felt most relieved. Before that, it was really big titles like Destiny – everything before that was a big title – and I was kind of worried about how Shenmue III would shape up to these guys, but once the song came on, the rouse came from the audience. I knew it was then.

Were you surprised by how fast the Kickstarter goal was reached?

The thing that really surprised me first about the Kickstarter was the crash that happened. Kickstarter broke – that was a big surprise. I couldn’t believe that! The second one was how fast it went to $1 million. Apparently, it is the fastest game or entertainment project on Kickstarter to reach that number.

The first two Shenmue games were published by Sega. Does Sega have any involvement with Shenmue III?

So, YS Net received the licensing rights from Sega. Of course, the original properties are still licensed with Sega. This time, they’re allowing us to use it and allowing us to use the licensing rights. They also gave us a lot of resources from [Shenmue] I and II to help us with this project. They’ve been very happy to see Shenmue III being made and we have a very good relationship.

A big part of the original Shenmue games were the Sega Easter eggs, such as the capsule toys and playing Sega games in the arcades. Is there any possibility that those will appear in this game even though those licenses belong to Sega?

There are some things I can use and there are some things I can’t use. It’s kind of depending on further talks with Sega. I think there’s going to be a lot of small details that we’re going to have to speak with them on as we go along.

The challenging part, at least in the United States, is that Shenmue came out on Sega Dreamcast, Shenmue II came out on Xbox, and Shenmue III is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, making it difficult for many fans to experience the first two games since they’re on separate platforms. Are there any plans to bring Shenmue I and Shenmue II to modern platforms?

If you have that question, it’s better that you ask Sega because they hold the rights to those. Those are their properties and I'm not in a position to talk about that, but I’m thinking about asking them!

Shenmue was a very revolutionary and influential game when it was released on Dreamcast. A lot has changed in the games industry since then. How does the team work to make a game just as revolutionary so long after the original?

It’s all about the new challenges with me, and I definitely want to try these new things. Of course, it’s going to come down to the funding and how much we’re going to be able to spend on Shenmue III, but if we get to that point, I believe it will be just as revolutionary as the ones before.

As we emerged from the small room where our conversation took place, a handful of Shenmue fans eagerly greeted Suzuki. Despite spending the majority of his day in that room, fielding questions from members of the media, Suzuki stopped to greet those fans, take pictures, and sign autographs. As we left, I heard the unmistakable sound of pure joy that follows a monumental moment such as what that encounter meant to those fans. It may have been 14 years since Shenmue II launched on the Dreamcast in Japan, and 13 since its release on the Xbox in the U.S., but through the hurdles, struggles, and disappointments taking place over the past decade and a half, the enduring passion of the Shenmue fan base has kept Suzuki’s dream alive.
by Riku Rose
Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:05 pm
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Re: Who remembers Shenmue 2 announcement?

I remember waiting ages to load the QuickTime trailer on my crappy ISDN connection. Watched Xiuying wave her arms about 50 times while waiting for the rest of the trailer to load.

I remember that I would not turn off the pc for almost a week to see that trailer. It was an ordeal because every phonecall could kill the load.

It's giving me the chills

by shredingskin
Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:14 am
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Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

How is the the Kickstarter campaign able to create items (such as the $3000 jackets) to give to pledges if they have no money themselves? I think there is more backing than we think, but it's really a case of being patient until they actually tell us the overall budget. We probably won't hear anything until into August after the KS has finished. We all need to calm down a bit and stop getting all worked up. We've been patient for 15 years, I think we can be a little longer.

No items were created. The rewards are yet to be set into production (estimate delivery 2017). But I do agree with you that we have to tone down the negativity, as panic will turn off potential pledgers (members of this forum and guests).

I made the thread.

Maybe you should consider modifying the title of this topic. I agree with you with a lot of your points, and I can see you pouring your passion into the cause but we have to keep ourselves level headed here. If we fans do not believe this campaign will work out in the end, the doubters out there sure won't.

Think about this. The marketing and Kickstarter team sure is not the best out there (I even bitched about it), but they do have redeeming qualities. They have a comment section which ACTUALLY listen to the fans, as they have been modifying the campaign page almost daily (ie Inclusion of more stretch goals and more reward tiers). And on the plus side, Yu Suzuki is going to answer to us live on Reddit in the end, even if the timing is not the most convenient to everyone.

So we would be better off holding on to the criticisms for the appropriate moment (as in the Kickstarter comment section of the Kickstarter and the Reddit tonight). In the end maybe we should all think of this entire thing as "PERFECTION IN PROGRESS", just like the Shenmue games!
by sand4fish
Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:21 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

Didn't remember that ps4 had a touchpad

Will players have access to both the Japanese and English voice overs for the game?
And I wanted to say thank you so much for Shenmue and Shenmue II, it brought a tear to my eye seeing those games at E3 during the Shenmue III announcement, I cannot wait. Those two games are what made me curious about Japan as a child, and I am now trying to work as a Japanese translator!
enlaceguardarreportarregalar goldRESPONDER
[–]Yu_Suzuki[S] 17 puntos hace 9 minutos
I am thinking about that, yes. However it is not for sure.
It is because of fans like you, I wanted to make a sequel. Thank you very much.

So no jap/eng for now (did he actually said he'll make english dub?)
by shredingskin
Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:05 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

Q: What do you think of the current state of Japanese game development?

A: I see the share of mobile games increasing, the budgets of games decreasing. It will be harder to express a game's vision. I would hope the console and PC markets gain more popularity.
by Himuro
Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:06 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

How long will the AMA be, I wonder?

It's been going on for two hours now. Yu needs to be really patted on the back here for being such a trooper. Most AMA's are only a mere hour long but here Yu is still going on like a soldier. It truly shows you how much he loves this fanbase. =D> =D> =D>
by Himuro
Sat Jun 20, 2015 2:13 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

Amir wrote: $5 million is a certainty, but 10... I think we'll end up around 7 or 8, but hope I'm wrong!

If they enable Paypal donations it will get to 10 million.
by Himuro
Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:13 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

Wanderin' wrote: 10 million's the target, boys and girls.

Have to push this kickstarter into overdrive.

I'm upping my initial backing to $500 next week.
by flip
Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:18 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki - Reddit AMA Today 21:30 PST / 05.30 GMT

I just doubled my pledge ($60 reward to $120 reward). It's all I can afford. I don't know what else I can do other than get the word out there and promote it.

Unfortunately, the kickstarter is slowing down. It's too be expected, as more or less everyone who wanted Shenmue 3 and would have pledged, did so on the day the campaign launched. That's just how it works. More casual fans and those who haven't played the series (but might be curious), would be more reluctant about backing a kickstarter. Unfortunately, I don't think the cynical (and almost negative) press has helped at all! It's really quite infuriating, as it's created this idea amongst the general public that the kickstarter campaign is just a PR stunt and a way of gauging interest and that Sony and other investors will actually be footing the bill. This is obviously not true and funding is needed from the kickstarter.

Hopefully, by offering some new reward tiers, it will boost interest and offer an incentive to those who have already pledged, to up their pledge.
by Reprise
Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:09 am
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Re: Reddit AMA Answers

Ive started the effort of posting around various forums around the internet to drum up support like so. ... -32163813/…/t…/shenmue-3-needs-your-help.454505155/

I suggest you all do the same.
by Axm
Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:54 am
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Twitter push to reach $10 Million! | #10MillionToShenmue3

Yu Suzuki just dropped this bombshell:

So unless you guys want to play Shenmue 3-lite, then we gotta push this to $10 Million, in anyway we can. So I thought we could take advantage of the social media to help with that.


In this hashtag, we will focus on the following:

- Explain that Yu Suzuki needs at least $10M from Kickstarter funding to make Shenmue 3 the proper Open World experience we all knew and loved.

- Clear the misunderstanding that Sony is footing the bill for the project, more information here .

- Overall promote the Shenmue series so that it might catch the interest of non-fans.

What say you? Am I going to find some energy here? or just cynicism? If this hashtags catches on, I'll create graphics like Avatars and sigs to help promote it.

by Rikitatsu
Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:24 am
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Re: Hashtag Twitter Campaign to Get Shenmue 3 to $10M

Let's do this shit.

Something quick and dirty to tweet with:


I'll register in 500k and Team Yu and see what they have to say. EDIT: Wait, can someone link me their forums? Do they even have forums or something?
by Rikitatsu
Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:08 am
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