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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

SpinDash wrote: I've seen this "Yu Suzuki trolling" earlier today. When and where were these photos actually taken?

Tokyo Games Show 2013; photos taken from this guy.

Oh, and also a video of him:; not much, but it is nice to see some appearances of Yu...
by Giorgio
Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:16 pm
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Re: Shenmue Collections

Nicely done, SpinDash.

Which image is on the film cell? I have a feeling it's different for every soundtrack.

It's hard to tell from the one I have, but it's a closeup of a face. And since scanning this now, I just noticed the audio waveform that goes with the clip. Sweet!

edit: after taking a look at your enlarged pic, it's clearly a different face on the film cell. I wonder how many unique pieces there are.
by Mitsuzuki
Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:52 am
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My Shenmue video-review

Hello Shenmue Dojo!

I just finished playing through Shenmue for the first time a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game. I had always heard good things about it, but.. words fail me, but if Shenmue was a book, it'd be a real page-turner.

I made a video review to help share this game with people who haven't give the game a chance yet, and as a nice retrospective for people who have played and enjoyed the game. I hope you like what you see!
by SuperDerek
Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:42 am
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Re: Shenmue Collections

Interesting. I took a quick snapshot of my film strip. It seems there 3 frames from Terry and 2 from Xiying.

by Zeke_
Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:35 am
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Re: Support Shenmue in a big German poll

It really should be featured on the Dojo's front page.
You would think so, wouldn't you?

Has anyone with twitter tried posting this to sega yet? what about the shenmue 500k campaign(ers)?
It has been tweeted to Sega and no doubt will some more on October 3rd. The first thing people learn about Sega's Twitter team though (if not the company as a whole) is that they are deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to Shenmue. They do their utmost to not give a flying fig. The most important thing, then, is to spread the news amongst other gamers. The Tweetathon will help with that but it's something we can all do at any time by posting about it on forums outside this one.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:28 am
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by Guest
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by Guest
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Re: Shigeru Miyamoto asking what games we want for WiiU


We got mentioned in the list! Way to go guys!

41 votes for a new Shenmue, though, as you know, that's not a game Nintendo made. Still, the reader who nominated it really wants it:
You could manipulate objects in the environment by touching them on the GamePad! You can communicate with NPCs through voice and gesture recognition - the Game-Pads camera will lip read and help recognize your commands better than conventional voice recognition.
by elfshadowreaper
Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:38 pm
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Shenmue featured on UK Metro site

This week the website for the UK's Metro newspaper invited emails from gamers about HD remakes they'd like to see. Shenmue got a mention in today's first batch of selected responses ( last letter on this page ), and whether it makes another appearance in the second batch tomorrow remains to be seen. But one particularly detailed response has been used as a Reader's Feature , with very positive comments from other readers underneath. Take a look.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:13 am
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Shenmue Cinematic Wallpapers and More

Aug. 22, 2017 (Tue)
Shenmue III -

Starting August 2013 I started making a series of Shenmue wallpapers, and so, I created this "Shenmue Cinematic Packs", each one containing 35 wallpapers, all in 1920x1080p resolution, and 2 posters.
If you want to see them individually you can check down below or you can download each pack with every wallpaper. If you have any request or suggestion, feel free to reply here. ;-)

01. Shenmue Cinematic Pack 1 -
02. Shenmue Cineamtic Pack 2 -
03. Shenmue Cinematic Pack 3 -

01. #SaveShenmue January 2014 -
02. A New Journey -
03. Amihama -
04. Cool Z -
05. Counting the Stars -
06. Daily Agony -
07. Dawn -
08. Departure on a New Journey -
09. Dobuita -
10. Encounter with Destiny -
11. Everlasting World -
12. Exiting the Cave -
13. Fangmei -
14. Flag of Lions -
15. Hazuki Dojo -
16. Heads or Tails -
17. Joy -
18. Lunging Strike -
19. Memories of Distant Days -
20. Nightfall -
21. Ren of Heavens -
22. Ryo Hazuki -
23. Sakuragaoka -
24. Sedge Tree -
25. Separated from Yokosuka -
26. Shenhua -
27. Tears of Separation -
28. The Initiator -
29. To Fly Vacantly Like a Hawk -
30. View to Guilin -
31. Wan Chai -
32. Xiuying -
33. Yamanose -
34. Yuanda Zhu -
35. Zhao Longsun -

01. Amulet -
02. Catching Leaves -
03. Chi you men -
04. Defeat -
05. From a Distant Land -
06. Golden Qr. -
07. Guizhang -
08. Hazuki Crest -
09. Heaven's Leader -
10. Heavens -
11. Here to Stay -
12. Iron Palm -
13. Izumi -
14. Like a Polished Mirror -
15. Lucky Hit -
16. Not You Again -
17. Nozomi -
18. Phoenix -
19. Rise of the Phoenix -
20. Sedge Flower -
21. Seeming Defeat -
22. Sneaking -
23. Tai Chi -
24. The Place Where the Sun Sets -
25. The Story Goes On -
26. To Continent and Sea -
27. Warehouse nº8 -
28. Wise Man Qr. -
29. Wude - DAN -
30. Wude - GON -
31. Wude - JIE -
32. Wude - YI -
33. Xiuying's Approval -
34. Xiuying's Sorrow -
35. Yellow Heads -

01. Beyond the Memory -
02. Close Friends -
03. Confrontation with Destiny -
04. Delin Hong -
05. Departing -
06. Destiny -
07. Determination -
08. Dou Niu -
09. Dragon Encounter -
10. Dragon -
11. Farewell -
12. Fated Destiny -
13. Fighters -
14. Finding Wan Chai -
15. Forest Path -
16. Hazuki Tiger -
17. Ine-san -
18. Iwao Hazuki -
19. Jiangyu Ding -
20. Master Baihu -
21. Master Zhoushan -
22. Memories -
23. Pigeon Park -
24. Pleasant Dreams -
25. Predetermined Destiny -
26. Rooftop Fight -
27. Snowy Memory -
28. Song of Good Luck -
29. Street Fight -
30. Sworn Revenge -
31. Terry -
32. Tom -
33. Waves of Morning Haze -
34. Wish -
35. Yuan -

01. Longsun Zhao -
02. Ryo Hazuki -
03. Wuying Ren -

01. Departure -
02. Guilin's Night -
03. Hazuki's Tiger -
04. Keep Training -
05. Lan Di -
06. Master Lishao Tao -
07. Mountain Training -
08. Nozomi -
09. Revenge -
10. Ryo and Shenhua -
11. Ryo Hazuki -
12. Shenmue Cinematic Bundle -
13. Shenmue III(2015) -
14. Shenmue III(2017) -
15. Shenmue Saga Bundle -
16. Waves of Morning Haze -
17. Wong -


01. Keep Friends Close -
02. Lan Di Poster -
03. Red Leaves -
04. Ryo's Poster -
05. Shenmue 500K -
06. Shenmue Poster -
07. Shenmue Poster 2 -
08. Shenmue Poster 3 -
09. Shenmue Poster 4 -
10. The Dragon Mirror -
11. The Phoenix Mirror -


01. Shenmue I -
02. Shenmue II -
03. Shenmue III (Xbox One) -
04. Shenmue III (PlayStation 4) -
05. Shenmue HD (PlayStation 4) -


01. Shenmue Saga Bundle Trailer

02. Shenmue Cinematic Trailer

03. Shenmue I Playthrough
Part 01. The Saga Begins -
Part 02. The Three Blades -
Part 03. Sailors -


DeviantArt -
Facebook -
Twitter -
YouTube -
This post will be updated with more, stay tuned. ;)
Feel free to suggest.

Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:05 am
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Re: Is there something wrong with Ryo?

There was a scene in the first game with Nozomi where he hinted that, had his father not just been murdered in front of his eyes, he may well have ended up with her, but at that moment in time, he's too cut up and disjointed to even consider it. Anyone who feels that they've found "the one" or whatever could relate to him rejecting any advancements from others, coz even though it isn't cheating, it feels like it.

And @SpinDash: It's part of "Young Ryo's" bio.
by MiTT3NZ
Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:03 pm
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Vote Shenmue in Empire poll

Empire wants to know your five favorite games of all time, so head on over to this link and nominate Shenmue and Shenmue II as your first two picks, and whatever three other games take your fancy:

Any reasons you state for your choices may be quoted in the final results.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:32 pm
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Re: New Yu Suzuki's project


^Image made by David Brown :lol:
by Ziming
Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:38 pm
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Sony Is Trying To Bring Shenmue To Playstation

Imagine, if you will, a giant list. Maybe it's an Excel file. Or on a whiteboard somewhere in Sony's offices. Maybe it's written on index cards.

On that list is a ton of names that Sony has been compiling based on fan tweets and requests for three months now. Final Fantasy Type-0 is on there. So is Yakuza. And Shenmue. And many, many others, compiled when Sony's Giovanni Corsi started asking fans to submit requests.

Sony's goal: to bring as many of those games as possible to PlayStation platforms and, if they were never released outside of Japan, to bring those games West.

Schreier : With the caveat that this is all up in the air, this is all in negotiations, are there any that you guys have in mind that you would really like to bring over here?

Boyes : I think a lot—we get a ton of requests for Yakuza, a ton of requests for Shenmue. We see the lists. Like everything that people have tweeted Gio, literally we have a person that compiles those lists and prioritizes based on how many requests we've gotten. And I think to date there's well over 10,000 mentions across like forum threads and stuff like that. So those are the ones we're focused on

Schreier : That's good to hear. When you say that you're targeting games in Japan, you mentioned Yakuza, you mentioned Shenmue—those are older games. Are you looking at PSP games? Are you looking at PS3 games?

Boyes : You could imagine that every piece of content that's come to those platforms over in Japan, we're looking at bringing over. It's also a balance of like, is it gonna be commercially viable if there isn't some sort of HD remix, should it come just as the native version, should we port it up? And so those are conversations, again—I worked at Capcom, now I work with Sony, so this is my second Japanese company. It's about trust. And it takes a long time to have those conversations and make sure everyone feels comfortable, especially 'cause it's like, we haven't released it before in America, how's it gonna do and stuff like that.

So it's a long process. But I'm very hopeful. The whole reason we started the group is to bring great content that you love back over here.
by Riku Rose
Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:16 pm
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Symphonic Selections Concert: Shenmue Sedge Tree (Orchestra)

A video game concert that took place at the Kölner Philharmonie in Germany.

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:26 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki: Project Berkley - English Subtitled -

SpinDash wrote: What was going on here? I saw the thread but did something else before watching the video. When I came back it was gone... I almost thought I was hallucinating. Glad it's back up now!

Original upload had video problems. I took it down and now it's fixed.
by Ziming
Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:54 am
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Re: Yu Suzuki revisits Shenmue at GDC 2014 (Postmortem)

To those interested, my thoughts on this situation.

phpBB [video]
by AdamKoralik
Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:37 am
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Re: A game about waiting for Shenmue III

Fantastic idea.

The game will be a FREE (that's Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment for you short-term-memory-only guys) game set in a bedroom. Pixel Art visuals. You walk back and forth, gazing at your pc sometimes to check for Shenmue III news on the internet. Besides that, you interact with half a dozen items spread throughout the room to kill time while you're waiting, namely you pick your Ps4 controller to play a mini-game of shorts (maybe a shmup?) and you pick one of the several porno mags laying on the floor to jerk off adding around half a hour to your score. If you turn off the pc, open the door of your bedroom and head outside it's game over, you lost all hope for Shenmue III.
by ThyDarkAngel
Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:50 am
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Brokeback Yamanose

phpBB [video]
by lavrentis
Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:04 pm
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Re: Yu Suzuki revisits Shenmue at GDC 2014 (Postmortem)

Illuminati eyes, you say? Illuminati I's? How many I's in "illuminati"? III 〓 Shenmue III confirmed.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:59 am
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Re: Ever see the NPC at the harbor with strange device on mo

Are you sure that's what he means? That's a pretty standard storage container thing. I'm sure all mopeds/motorbikes I have one. Apart from in films. It's not cool to have one for chase scenes.
it's not identical but it's similar, same moped style. it's hard to find one identical to the 80s. these are the closest I can find
by south carmain
Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:57 am
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Re: Ever see the NPC at the harbor with strange device on mo

yep, thats it. i have never seen something like that before. i suppose it one of those things that is more common in the east. mopeds are also more popular there so makes sense.

so its a device for stabilising the storage box . interesting. does it have a name?

maybe i will try to upload an picture of it at some point, but it wont be good quality. if someone else wants to then feel free. thanks guys
That device is called "demae-ki," that means "delivery machine/device." You can buy one, if you're interested. ;-)

The big springs are shock absorbers which prevent soup from spilling while delivering soup noodles, like soba or ramen. Certain noodles are delivered in bowls filled with soup in Japan, so they need such device.
by Kiyuu
Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:10 am
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

"Shenmue - Tom's Dance Loop (he's always groovin')" by David Brown

phpBB [video]

by Giorgio
Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:13 pm
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Shenmue Arcade Origins: QTE TITLE

phpBB [video]

by Ziming
Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:07 pm
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Re: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Joy takes the money that Ryo owes to Ren Dan? When is that supposed to happen. I usually don't pay him nowadays and I never noticed any money was gone missing and there definately wasn't a scene for that. :shock:

By the way, I advice you to add the following to your list. It's a criminally overlooked and highly entertaining scene:
Here's one I just discovered...

While you're airing out books at Man Mo Temple, go to Godhead Fortunetellers and have your fortune told. He'll tell you that Zhu's footsteps are in the "old city" (Wise Men's Qtr.) and that you should go to Wise Men's Kung Fu. But, instead of going there, waste time during the day and don't gather any new information.
The next morning, when Ryo goes to air out the books, you'll get a cutscene with Fangmei I've never seen before. She'll be sweeping and forget her dust pan, and then bump into Ryo from around the corner. Ryo catches her broom and apologizes, then he askes about Yuanda Zhu. Fangmei says she remembered seeing the name on a book called Wulinshu in the temple library. Pretty cool alternate way to get the info.
Danke! Never know about that! About that notebook entry check this at 13:05
It's happens after you beat all 3 fighters
by Radar
Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:33 am
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Read this on another forum today

Scary thought of the day, Shenmue had Hang-on and Space Harrier in. At the time, they were 14 years old.

Shenmue is now 15 years old.
by mue 26
Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:13 am
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Re: Chi you men boss of the bosses??

just to be clearer what i am asking is:

are there 4 main bosses - north (tentei), south (niao sun) east (Lan di) and west (ziming)


is tentei seperate from the compass direction bosses (5 overall bosses) leaving northern boss as complete mystery apart from the his silhouete in that one image released by dev team.
Apparently, Tentei, the Emperor of Heaven, is not one of the Four leaders. There seems to be some variations in Chinese mythology, but you can get a rough idea from this:

Tentei is the Yellow Dragon of the Center. Remember the Yellow Head building in Kowloon is surrounded by the other four "compass direction" buildings.
by Kiyuu
Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:28 am
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Re: Chi you men boss of the bosses??

Thanks for further info on the four symbols, Kiyuu. I didn't know yet that the center is a yellow dragon and that even that matches up with the building in Kowloon. But yeah, Tentei is definately the boss above the other four bosses and I'm sure that's what Yu Suzuki ment with his gesture.
You're quite welcome!

We've talked about Tentei repeatedly in the past, just like you see in the following topic:
by Kiyuu
Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:43 am
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Shenmue Creatives

Shenmue Creatives is a newly founded blog which will gather every and all Shenmue creatives and their works!

Though, YOU need to Submit your works and proliferate that place! Submit just about everything that is creative and Shenmue-related !

Whether it is fanfiction, fanart, fan comics, fan videos, cosplays, modifications (mods), game photos, fan games, quotes, music, remixes, poems... and so on!

Let's cram this thing! Don't hesitate! Start submitting NOW!
by Giorgio
Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:03 pm
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Re: Slow Loading

It's a design feature of the Dojo. Instead of the data going straight down the tubes to your computer, it goes LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT...
by Let's Get Sweaty
Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:48 am
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Shenmue Mythology - My theories - China Joy 2006 CG analysis

edit - added more stuff....

Ok might as well dive right into this. There is a a lot of text here sorry. I am probably going to add to it later as well.

before going into the analysis some people have questioned whether the china joy video, or any of the shenmue online videos have any relevance to the future of the main series. in my opinion i think that most the cg, especially the bit with ryo rushing up to the roof of that building to rescue Joy from lan di is a fictional scenario designed to promote the idea of a 'Shenmue MMO'. but the bit with the dragon, pheonix, lan di and shenhua is definitly canonical with the main series. these events were even hinted at in the Project berkely cg (lan di hand movements, dragon flying through the sky, lightning ect.)

China joy video alalysis:

it maybe useful to start with a brief analysis of the 'shenmue legend'.
This is central mythological narrative of Shenmue saga (well maybe at least for shenmue 1 to 3 ) I call it shenmue legend, but perhaps there is a better name for it if someone wants to suggest it.

The shenmue legend
This is the actual chinese text that appears on the scroll than pans across the screen in the china joy cg - time stamp - 7:45 and was translated by user odaryo.
Thread here, I bumped it just recently. There is some really amazing info in here that should be better known within the community. I didn’t know about until a few weeks ago.

The vein of the Dragon may cause a giant chaos.
(now by vein what I think it means is some kind of cave or sanctuary where the dragon dwells.)
edit- just did some research on the term 'dragon vein' - apparently in Chinese painting the term 'dragon vein' is used to describe the ridge of a mountain) so maybe the cave is in a mountain? really not sure what is meant here by vein of dragon. - although now i think of it didn't shenhua says there were dark/black mountains where people never came back..maybe this is mountain that contains the sanctuary where the dragon dwells... - video detailing term 'dragon vein'

In the nature, the vein of the Dragon has been neutralized by a pair of mirrors: Dragon and Phoenix.

(some kind of barrier which maybe magical that seals the dragon within the sanctuary)

The Dragon mirror and the Phoenix mirror were sealed in the Dragon's cave.

(now this is interesting because obviously at some point they were removed and ended up in Iwaos possession – maybe whatever the events that occurred 20 years ago when Iwao and Zhu and Zhao were in china will explain this– this part of the story is still a huge mystery)

Hundreds of years ago(in the scroll it is "months", don't know if it is an error), an earthquake occurred, as if a signal for the dying dynasty.

(I also have ideas about the dynasties, but still working on them)

In order to obtain the Dragon's power, a demon entered the cave and stole the dragon's mirror.

(who is the demon? does it mean literal a supernatural demon, or maybe a very bad natured human being – have theories for this too )

The God Dragon awakes, bringing the earth and the nature (natural?) disasters.

(I assume that this is the dragon lan di takes control of – but its still not clear whether the dragon is separate to Chiyou. I personally think they are separate but its not clear. – got theories for this too)

Great earthquakes and giant floods stand for the ending of the dynasty.

This is giving a description of the primordial event when the dragon was disturbed – and its would seem that this event may have been repeating itself since time immemorial) - shenmue 3 is when its most likely to happen again - this event may have some kind of moral dimension as to why it keeps occuring - but I’ll get into this later)

The emperor asks three ancient masters for help to control the power of Phoenix.

(who were these ancient masters? If you look at the video time stamp 7:50 – I think the scrolls actually illustrates them. There are 2 old guys with beards and 1 bald guy all wearing Chinese clothing of old - huge sleeves etc. its difficult to make out the background, maybe they are sitting on a mountain with other mountains in the background? guilin maybe? better quality video would be useful. Could these be the ancestors of shenhua and Ryo? I assume that with each iteration of the 'calming of the dragon' event new masters emerge to undertake the task)

The legendary Phoenix comes down from the heaven and fights back the Dragon's attack.

(Time stamp 8:08 in video as seen in scrolls)

The Dragon's rage has been calmed down. The Dragon and The Phoenix go back to where they were from.

(Maybe this is time stamp - 12:03. beam of light being sucked back up into the clouds (dragon calmed) followed by another light absorbing into the phoenix pendant - phoenix returns)

The Dragon's mirror and the Phoenix's mirror have been sealed again. The peace is back.

(yes until the next disturbance of the dragon – the latest of which is due to occur in shenmue 3. )


Magical objects/artefacts other than the mirrors.
shenhua seems to be controlling/ summoning the phoenix by use of a magical phoenix pendant/necklace go to - time stamp 9.49 - you can seen that its shaped like a phoenix, and she is clasping it when phoenix emerges.
Close up of pendant - time stamp 9:50.

a lot of emphasis is placed on this necklace since its emitting magical energy several times, and at the end it seems to be implied that either the dragon and/or the phoenix are absorbed back into the pendant - time stamp – 12:10

so we can add this to the list of known magical objects within shenmue
-sword of seven stars (must have greater purpose than just lighting up those huge mirrors)
-phoenix and dragon mirrors (from the shenmue legend we know that the purpose of the mirrors was to seal the dragon away prevent further destruction. Zhu also says the mirrors are a key to unlock the treasures of the qing dynasty, and master chen says that the mirrors somehow allow the resurrection of chi you. i've read people who say that all these uses of the mirrors means that we are recieving wrong or contradictory information from these sources, but i don't see why the mirrors cant do all these things.
-pheonix pendant (summoning and or controlling the phoenix)

- because the dragon lives in a 'vein' he might not need summoning.... hence there is no need for a dragon summoning pendant.
The destruction of a city

I’m still confused about what is actually happening here in the destruction of the city.

The first question is - what’s the city that is being destroyed? It looks like its in guilin, the mountains surrounding it are the same. Shenhua seems to be taken by surprise by this whole episode, - initially she is just playing with some butterflies. (this lends credence to my theory that what follows is a memory)

- also interesting to consider that shenhua's presence in guilin during these events could mean that Ryo leaves shenhua in guilin while he goes off to other parts of china to continue his quest...

So what is actually happening.
First of all clouds gather. Then a huge blanket washes over the landscape turning it brown rather than the lush green it was before. (is this just the destruction caused by the water?)

Shenmue legend says:
‘Great earthquakes and giant floods stand for the ending of the dynasty.’

So is this a blanket water washing over the landscape? It actually looks like its falling from the sky.

My theory:
This is not actually the present time of shenmue saga (1980’s), we are actually viewing the historical, mythological destruction of the city from the original awakening of the dragon (either 1600’s or pre 5000bc) - (this city does not look modern)
The blanket washing over the landscape is both a flood of water from the heavens, and also a time distortion transforming the landscape back to how it was then. (shenmue often uses brown colour to indicate age - eg flashbacks, and old scrolls)

When the time distortion reaches shenhua, she too is transformed into her ancestor – the historic person who also used the phoenix to calm the dragon.

this whole episode may be a memory of shenhua, or some kind of ability where shenhua can time travel to earlier periods by use her ancestors memories.

But what about lan di actually being there controlling the dragon with his hand movements?

It doesn’t actually look like lan di is there. All the background of his shots are blacked out. He is maybe in a completely different location controlling the dragon. maybe he is in present time 1980’s but has found a way of controlling the historic dragon (of old times)
- so he is controlling the events of the past, and its shenhua job to use her memory/time travel ability to make sure that the dragon is once again calmed.

Lightning hitting the city -time stamp 9:53

I am fairly sure this is coming from the dragon. we see that the dragon pulsates with electrical energy - time stamp 9:45 . This is a lightning/thunder dragon. it does seem a bit over kill, since the flood /earthquakes would already have done plenty of damage.

Dragon slithering snake-like though the air – time stamp 11:47 – gives me chills!

Are we viewing the destruction of just this city, or is this a kind of global Armageddon event that’s happening to the entire world?

bailu village ancient city - same location (theory)

bailu village is now located where this great city formerly stood. Shenhua mentioned the ruins of castle walls. The old nobles who were exiled by the emperor possessed great treasures (maybe the magical objects and or the Qing treasures)

so whats the Qing treasures

I think its probably a mixture of the magical artefacts used for all kinds of supernatural purposes and abilities.

And/or they could be certain magical martial arts techniques (that ryo is probably going to learn in order to defeat chinyoumen leaders + tentei. +maybe even chiyou)

now this is all a lot of speculation which may be wrong - but it certainly is fascinating to imagine would could be for the later games.

central shenmue legend if not a spoiler IMO
by the way i don't think the whole central legend is really that much of a spoiler. shenmue 3 could very well have opened with a telling of it, similarly to how its done in the china joy cg - time stamp - 7:46 - panning across the scrolls detailing it.
a lot more to come if you are interested...
by johnvivant
Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:49 am
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Shenmue Tribute by Anthony Usai

A Shenmue Tribute created by Anthony Usui - Filmed on location from Japan.

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:23 pm
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New Tweetathon Hashtag #SaveShenmue & Music Update

2014 heralds a New Years evolution for the Shenmue Tweetathon, which expands onto Facebook and
Tumblr as well as Twitter, with #SaveShenmue replacing the old hashtag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense. See for details, and do your part for the campaign on January 3rd!

Music Update: Shenmue II Wan Chai Cutscenes (Complete) (Art & Logo: xhizors92 )
Videos to watch: Shenmue Tribute by Anthony Usui
by Ziming
Wed Dec 25, 2013 7:19 am
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Yooooooo Dojo.

The Shenmue holiday special is finally in a decent state for others to play. This Demo was supposed to be released on Christmas day....however there were some serious game breaking bugs that took a while to fix. (better late than never)


Origins Of The Game

For the past couple of weeks, I have been investigating a visual novel application known as ren'py. I have a keen interest in this engine, as I would like to one day import my own artwork into its system and create an independent title. However, since most of my drawings are not on my computer, I thought i'd use Shenmue images in it's replacement whilst i learn the language.

This game is very simple and not very deep, as it was something I just threw together whilst learning ren'py. Throughout the game, you will see a lot of unusual events that may NOT seem very "Shenmuish". Again, this is because I was trying different aspects out within the ren'py engine. Dont expect nothing groundbreaking



After dealing with the Mad Angels, Ryo prepares himself for his long awaited trip to Hong Kong. The following day, he learns that Nozomi has been kidnapped again! Ryo teams up with 4 of his friends in order to rescue her. Can he find Nozomi before he has to leave the country?

This will be a 30 - 45 minute game featuring some of our favorite Shenmue characters. The story will take place after the 70 man battle, and be an alternative take on how Shenmue 1 ended.


What Are The Controls?

The game is played with the mouse.
1) Left click = continues to the next section
2) right click = access menu (save , load, options, full-screen/window etc)

How Do I Play This Game

Read the dialog on the screen. Whenever you see the blinking arrow, left click to continue. At some points you will be asked to make choices. Choose carefully :)

How Many Endings Does This Game Have?

The game has 2 good, and one bad. It will be interesting to see which one you guys get lol.

This Game Contains To Much Text And Is Boring

That's visual games for you. You either love them or hate them. I recommend taking your time with the game. Read carefully and slowly.....and don't rush through it.

Spelling And Grammar Mistakes.

Yep, I'm aware of most of the mistakes. But this is a Beta/Demo, so it does have its fair share of issues. This will be fixed in the final version. Unfortunately, I don't have the time at the moment to proof read everything.

Some Images Are Medium To Low Quality?

Most of the game has fairly decent images. However, in some instances, there are medium to low quality pictures. This is mainly seen with Nagashima and Eri. This will be fixed in the final version.

My Screen Resolution Doesn't Support This Game?

This game was created in a 800 x 600 format. If you encounter black borders on either side of the screen, adjust your screen resolution on the desktop (right click on desktop and press on properties or screen resolution).

Can I Play This In Fullscreen?

You can, but you will more than likely notice the low quality images and bad sprite rips. I recommend playing in window mode if you're a graphics or perfectionist whore. :) To run in fullscreen mode, right click to access the options menu, click on preferences, and click full screen. (You must have a fairly decent direct x driver installed, otherwise the game will crash when going fullscreen)

The Game's Font Doesn't Work On My Computer

This game uses the "Arlrdbd" font. Download it here and follow the instructions on the site to install the font.

I've Encountered An Error

Refer to the FAQs or send me a PM.

You've Included My Work And Given Me A Shoutout

There are various shout-outs and nods to some dojo members and youtubers in the game........mainly when Ryo goes to sleep. I did this out of respect, as i wanted this to be a community project for everyone on the dojo. If you have a problem with the inclusion of your work, let me no and I'll get rid of it.

Thanks For The Shoutout

No problem. Keep up the awesome work.

Why Didn't I Have A Shoutout?

Everyone on the dojo will get a shoutout in the final game.

Thanks For Making This

No problem. This is my Christmas present to the Shenmue Community

Where Are The Fight Scenes?

There are no fight scenes in the demo. Wait for the fullgame.

This Game Sucks, You Suck

Love you to. Remember, this is something I just threw together. It's not suppose to be taken seriously. Hopefully next year, we can all work on a game together to make it extra awesome.


Please do not share the links or reupload them. Link people to this thread. This is a Beta test for hardcore shenmue fans to try out, enjoy, and give feedback in order to make the final product amazing. Please respect these terms.

What Do You Still Need To Work On?

Ha, tons of stuff. sprites, scripts, grammar checks, importing a Shenmue user interface, audio, fight scenes, extra characters, animation, intro, ending etc. This is nowhere near finished.

When's The Final Version?

For those who actually enjoyed the game, the final version will be much MUCH bigger. (New areas, characters, sequences, fight scenes, voice clips, choices, UI etc) The game will go past Shenmue 1.... and on to a certain ship :)
Final version coming 2014.

Have You Got Any Other Projects Like This?

I have many different Shenmue Demo's, but this was the only one that was in a half decent state

How Can I Say Thank You And Support Shenmue

1)Give this thread a thumbs up and thank you
2)Buy the Ryo Hazuki first four figure statue
3)Buy Ryo DLC in sonic racing transformed
4)Buy Shenmue clothing from insertcoin
5)join to save Shenmue
6)Sign up to the ShenmueDojo, ShenmueMaster Website.
7)Subscribe to ziming and AdamKoralik's youtube channels.

How to install The Game

1) First install the Arlrdbd font. Download here

Unzip font

Windows XP Font Install:
Drag arlrdbd.ttf into C:\Windows\Fonts - The font will automatically install.

- Windows 7/Vista Font Install:
Right click arlrdbd.ttf and then click "Install".

2)Download the base file here

3)Download the sound/image file here

4)Extract base file (winrar, winzip)

5)Extract sound/image file (winrar , winzip)

6)The extracted sound and image file should be called "archive.rpa". copy this to the game directory of the basefile.
(Project Xmas 2013 Special Demo-all/game/PLACE ARCHIVE FILE HERE)

7)Double click the Project Xmas 2013 Special Demo application icon in the main directory.


@ShenmueTree, I can't wait to try out Project Sekai. It's where my original inspiration came from. :king:

I hope all you guys have an awesome XMAS holiday, and a fantastic new year. Hopefully we get more Shenmue news in 2014. :)

Giorgio Let's play of the game

Part 1

Part 2

by ShenSun
Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:41 am
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Re: Old lady in Sakuragaoka giving hint to translate the let

According to her bio: She also happens to be an acquaintance of Xia Xiu Yu and drops by Dobuita once in a while to visit her.
I did not know about that either and thus never encountered that too.

By the way, should be not: "hidden tutorial on reading house signs to find Yamamoto "?
by Giorgio
Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:56 pm
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Re: Old lady in Sakuragaoka giving hint to translate the let

Yes, she can lead you to Xia China Shop too. She rarely goes outside, aside from that one occasion in the story where she can help you out; she is wandering around just between the Yamamoto house and the capsule toy shop in Sakuragaoka around midday (2PM onwards, I think). I think she only appears when it's sunny, or something along those lines [and only at that point in the story]. Just ignore Xia's grandson and instead head for Sakuragaoka. I can't recall if it's specific days that she appears there also.

There's a Notebook guide somewhere outlining it exactly, but, I think those are the markers for it.
by Henry Spencer
Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:34 pm
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Shenmue running on Reicast (Dreamcast emulator for Android)

This video has Shenmue being played on a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500. The game still has graphical glitches, but runs fairly smooth. The team working on the emulator says it will be fixed in the R6 release.

phpBB [video]
by Ziming
Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:57 pm
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Re: #SaveShenmue


Happening right now, and all day today, on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:48 am
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Did you know 2014 shares the same calendar year as Shenmue in 1986?


2014 Calendar Download:
by Ziming
Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:00 pm
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Re: Random Shenmue Thoughts

Did you know 2014 shares the same calendar year as Shenmue in 1986?

2014 Calendar Download:

Is Shenmue destined to resurrect itself in 2014? I sure hope so. :)

If it does, I will no longer believe in coincidences.

Destiny for the win. :lol:
by ShenSun
Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:05 pm
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Re: #SaveShenmue

A great effort yesterday, the transition to #SaveShenmue seems to have gone far smoother than I'd anticipated. You can now pre-load your messages for February 3rd on the new Thunderclap page.
by Let's Get Sweaty
Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:46 am
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