New Shenmue Interview (Shibuya International)

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New Shenmue Interview (Shibuya International)

Postby ShenSun » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:17 am

Dunno if this has been posted already, but i just came across this interview via Shenmue Master. It features the founder of Shibuya international, Cedric Biscay, giving his thoughts on Shenmue, Shenmue 3, the Shenmue Licence, and Yu Suzuki's time in France.

I used google translate, so not everything is 100% clear. It's still a good read however.


Of course we asked some questions that Mr. Biscay could not really answer, but we still tried. Good reading.

1 / Can you say that you are a fan of Shenmue?

Cedric Biscay: I played and finished the two episodes in Japanese Dreamcast when they leave. Then I could really understand the history in the European release! Since then, as thousands of players, I expect more.
SEGA productions at the time had a certain cachet, this is why I have always defended consoles like the Saturn or Dreamcast that deserved a bigger commercial success.

2 / Have you created Shibuya International to ease the cultural exchanges between France and Japan? (Knowing that the French and Japanese are very similar in many fields such as the arts or culture etc).

Cedric Biscay:[/b] Yes, I think the Japanese and the French are actually quite close but they do not understand. This goes beyond mere language problem. I wanted to provide a tool to share both in terms of business as culture. It works pretty well with open minds.

Being passionate about video games and the movies, I have since created Shibuya Productions who will be daunting task of innovation in these areas. The first animated feature that we prepare is called Windwalkers is the adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Horde Contrevent". The author Alain Damasio actively involved in the adventure, Jan Kounen is to achieve and Marc Caro artistic direction.

3 / Shibuya International plays an important role in Franco-Japanese relations, is it you who contacted Yū Suzuki or is it he who brought you demand?

Cedric Biscay: We contacted.

4 / How did you feel about "the first" meeting with Suzuki-san?

Cedric Biscay: Being in the same room as the person who is the source of fun revolutions like Out Run, Virtua Fighter and Shenmue to mention that they are necessarily a pleasure.

5 / Do you have any stories to tell us about what happened behind the scenes during his visit during the TGS 2011 MAGS 2013?

Cedric Biscay: During TGS, what comes first to mind are pool parties boisterous until the end of the night with Michel Ancel and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters). Suzuki-san is quite strong in this game while Michael did everything to distract.

This is an excellent memorial between ordinary people and good company.

Another highlight is the great respect of Katsuhiro Harada to Suzuki-san. Several times he thanked me for giving him the chance to meet these conditions.

I also advise everyone to find on the web video where you can see the amazing match between Harada-san and Suzuki-san on Tekken and Virtua Fighter.

MAGS full of anecdotes because it is an event organized by my company directly. I spent several evenings in James Bond mode with Suzuki-san to skim casinos instead looking good blackjack tables.

In fact, the parties were on the same model: gargantuan meals accompanied by excellent wines in company of other guests then when everyone tired, towards the Casino. The simple act of bringing people together as exceptional as Michel Ocelot, Go Nagai, Yoshitaka Amano, Akino Arai and Yu Suzuki in one place or remain in an unforgettable moment.

6 / You had he said something that impressed you?

Cedric Biscay: He told me a lot of things very striking that I can only keep it for myself, however, he showed me photos or he was with Michael Jackson, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg with others ( accompanied by his son).

The popularity of Yu Suzuki and SEGA omnipotence of the great era remembered suddenly to me.

7 / On our Facebook page you were kind enough to clarify this "Yu Suzuki is of course aware of the Kickstarter-type operations but as stated in the article, licensed to SEGA does not consider this option and will not let this license without consideration. ". Could you give us some details about it and the conditions that impose SEGA?

Cedric Biscay: I obviously can not communicate too much on it. In fact this procedure at a time T was designed primarily to defend Yu Suzuki is not silly, which of course aware of the existence of Kickstarter.

Since then, things change even if I can not confirm anything.

8 / Another of your information I quote "Dear Shenmue Master, there are too many fake buzz about Yu Suzuki on Shenmue International scene these days. The only real things are thinking about only part of the funding via Kickstarter and Yu Suzuki will find solutions and partners credible exit the game and convince SEGA. "

Indeed, despite the willingness of fans, a Kickstarter operation would probably not sufficient to fund a project like Shenmue, can you tell us if Suzuki-san is in talks with other partners and if so which ones?

Cedric Biscay: Again, I must return to the origin of this remark. I wanted to denounce the exploitation of Suzuki-san by the GDC for promotional purposes. Indeed, it must be remembered that he met Mark Cerny in a simple cocktail and they just spoke architecture consoles because Mark Cerny is responsible for the PS4 and Suzuki-san took care of among other Dreamcast.

The Tweet of the organizing insinuating exchanges around Shenmue simple goal was to create a buzz using the many fans of the license. I have nothing of a masked avenger, but being myself "fan" on my scale of this saga, I could not let this go.

Suzuki-san is the one to decide its partners and he is well aware that Kickstarter can not be sufficient for funding.

The news that talks about the meeting between Mark Cerny and Suzuki-san.

9 / Yū Suzuki he discussed the different possibilities that it plans to continue this wonderful adventure of Shenmue?

Cedric Biscay: Yes, but I can not say anything yet.

10 / Do you think that Suzuki-san has a special attachment to the work Shenmue, is a project that is close to his heart?

Cedric Biscay: Shenmue is almost the work of a lifetime for Suzuki-san.
It is therefore very cautious and this caution may suggest outside a certain detachment but this is absolutely not the case.

11 / According to you why can not he talk about Shenmue 3 right now?

Cedric Biscay: Contrary to what I can hear and see here and there, you should know that Suzuki-san is always at SEGA as even if he did not advise the employee status.

It is obvious that it is subject to a contract with the utmost discretion on IP owned by the company.

12 / How did he reacts to the warm welcome of the fans at the Toulouse Game Show off camera? I think of the ovation at the conference TGS 2011 and this birthday song very touching for 10 years Shenmue II.

Cedric Biscay He was thrilled, it was really touched.

13 / Suzuki-san you he talked about what fans can do to help resolve the situation regarding Shenmue? Or what we could do to be able to recover the famous Shenmue license.

Cedric Biscay: In time, it will show that you REALLY love Shenmue.
Fully recover the license is not possible and it is easy to understand why (heavy investments SEGA etc), but life is full of compromises.

It should not be seen as the enemy SEGA license but as a company that simply and normally return on investment desired.

14 / Would you tell us something specific or something that you feel strongly about the coming of the great Japanese designer in France?

Cedric Biscay: I just want to say that hope is not in vain. When the various elements will nest perfectly, we have the following Shenmue.

15 / Do you think we will have a chance to review Yū Suzuki in France soon? (Through you)

Cedric Biscay: As you may know, Suzuki-san never moves at events for the general public, he made ​​two exceptions after my 2 invitations and I am very satisfied.

I would like the next time he comes, he announced that we all expect.

Thank you very much for this interview. If you have time could you tell Suzuki-san that the whole community Shenmue really appreciate that and we will always be there to support him.

Cedric Biscay: Okay, I will.

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Re: New Shenmue Interview (Shibuya International)

Postby Supa » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:03 am

Nice interview, thanks.
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Re: New Shenmue Interview (Shibuya International)

Postby ThyDarkAngel » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:55 am

Great interview.

He hints at upcoming developments, I trust his words can be much more than attention grabbers shenanigans.

I underline how he states Yu Suzuki is with Sega and has always been, even if not as an employee. Like I said numerous times, and he stresses, Shenmue is a very big and very special part of Yu Suzuki and he wll never give up on it's continuation and conclusion. Suzuki seems to have shared likely Shemue-related plans/releases with him, which shows something is already happening, maybe even for a while now.

Can't wait for the next GDC.
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