Early design doc: Ryo Earning Money to Meet Ren

(Chapters 3-6)

Early design doc: Ryo Earning Money to Meet Ren

Postby Switch » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:28 am

Here's as second early story flowchart for Shenmue II that I've translated into English. (The diagram can be found in the Shenmue art book).

One of the most interesting findings:

- In this flowchart, the book-airing task at Man Mo temple is included, but Ryo was going to be able to duck out from the task (when Xiuying is out) and go down to the harbor area to search for Ren. But if he's not back by 5 pm Xiuying gets mad!

Here are the first couple of sections of the diagram:


Remaining diagrams & article:

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